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Who is Pegasus Consultants?

Pegasus Consultants Limited (PCL) has provided global consulting services and business training since 1981. The founder of PCL, Palmer Greene, has decades of experience in all aspects of international business. Having resided and conducted business in over 100 countries across the globe, Palmer has an in-depth understanding of cross-cultural challenges. Palmer has developed proven and practical techniques to overcome the obstacles that co-exist with cross-cultural business. Palmer has supervised and controlled multiple overseas joint ventures and branch offices of American and foreign corporations.

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Jennifer Greene, President of PCL, has successfully facilitated Sino-American joint ventures, recruited and managed Chinese and American staff, and has negotiated multi-million dollar business transactions. Jennifer was born and raised in Beijing China and now resides in the United States. Jennifer has a unique understanding of both Chinese and American cultures and business practices. Utilizing her experience working with both Chinese and Western businesses, Jennifer has developed an in-depth cross-cultural training course and seminar for ¡??Doing Business in China¡??.

With Palmer and Jennifer's unique background and perspective, and the assembly of experienced professionals working with Pegasus Consultants Limited, this companies' services are an invaluable asset to any international business.


"We all REALLY appreciated your materials and the benefit of your candid first hand sharing of your experience and personal insight.   We are always looking for ways to enrich the education of our team."

Eileen Krueger
Marketing & Sales Coordinator
Waukesha Electric Systems

"Palmer Greene worked with us for a seminar that we were doing for class. His presentation had an enormously positive impact on our group. He is utterly engaging and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. His presentation is quite stimulating and he brings the culture to life in a vivid way. Executives will appreciate the richness of the real life examples that Mr. Greene peppers throughout the presentation which add a great deal of authenticity to his talk. He is not just an academic dispensing theory and gets down to valuable brass tacks. The executives in the seminar will have a realistic picture of the environment they will encounter and the steps that they can take to maximize their experience in China.  

I highly recommend Pegasus Consulting!"

Jan Brauner

"I took a one-on-one course with Pegasus on Chinese Business Culture and Ethics and found it to be very useful.  It has certainly helped me in my transition into the Shanghai working culture, which I knew nothing about before coming here six weeks ago.  I have found that the information conveyed to me through the seminar, which included an actual lunch for business dinner etiquette, to be very current and very accurate."

Charles A. Pinkham III
Senior Manager of Investment & Finance
P O R T M A N  -  S H A N G H A I

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