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Pegasus Consultants Trains Fortune 500 Companies How to Capitalize on Chinese Market Opportunities

November 11, 2005  ??C Today Pegasus Consultants announces that it is helping Fortune 500 companies capitalize on the vast business opportunities emerging in China.

The Chinese Market is exploding, and many U.S. companies, including Motorola, are realizing that doing business with China enhances their ability to remain on the cutting edge.  Pegasus Consultants Limited (PCL) refers to the Chinese Market as the ¡??Sleeping Giant of the future;¡?? and they are helping businesses to awaken their knowledge of this sleeping giant by providing Cross Cultural Training Seminars to western companies wanting to do business with China.  Motorola began their training with PCL in 2002, and they are still participating in continuing courses in 2005.  PCL is also providing training and services to transportation, manufacturing, public relations, and banking organizations.

Palmer Greene, the founder of PCL says that ¡??Awakening the sleeping giant can be tricky business, and must be done carefully in order to be successful.¡??  For instance, a great business opportunity can go cold in an instant just by giving the wrong gift, not responding in a particular way, or by wearing a certain color.  On the other hand, a seemingly good business transaction can cause detrimental problems for businesses by not recognizing early signs of trouble, not paying attention to details, or just by a simple miscommunication.

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 Pegasus Consultants are experts in international business transactions.  With nearly forty years of experience, and thousands of successful business transactions in over 100 companies they have attained the right formula to create and fulfill successful international business opportunities and transactions.  They have helped companies succeed, where others have failed, by passing on their proven knowledge and techniques, and by extending a helping and trusted hand to their clients while in foreign territory. 

Jennifer (Fan Jing) Greene, PCL lead seminar instructor says ¡??Often times when different cultures come together their differences can cause a messy collision.  We help to prevent such a collision by teaching our clients what to expect of the Chinese people, and what the Chinese people are expecting of them, before they venture into the land of contrasts.¡??  Pegasus cross cultural seminars include topic discussions on negotiation, Chinese history, economics, government, politics, and language, Chinese rules and etiquette do¡¯s and don¡¯ts, Chinese philosophy and beliefs, Chinese traditions, and heath and safety tips.  

Other services provided by PCL include written and oral translation services, international business consulting, registration services, import/export services, product marketing, project management, sales representation, personnel services and expatriate services. 

About Pegasus Consultants
Since 1981 Pegasus Consultants Limited has offered global project management and business consulting services. Successful business ventures have been carried out in around the globe in countries such as Trinidad, Guatemala, Bulgaria, USSR, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and China. With nearly forty years experience managing projects around the globe, the philosophies and international business practices learned continue to drive, the Pegasus methodology. It is our experience, strategies, and savvy that give leaders like Motorola, Kerr-McGee and Baker Hughes confidence in Pegasus Consultants solutions. PCL services include project management services, wireless application services, and cross-cultural training.  PCL has offices in Houston, Texas, San, Diego California, and China.

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