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Doing Business in China, How Cultural Differences can Impact Profit Margins

All people are basically the same ? right? It is true that all people have the same basic needs and instincts. However, the culture that we are raised in and reside has a huge impact on our thought process and how we react to certain situations. These ?cultural differences? have more of an impact on the bottom line than most people realize.


Pegasus Expands Cross-Cultural Training Courses adding Live Web-based Seminars and Local Group Seminars

Now Pegasus has added monthly live web-based seminars as an effort to provide another convenient and cost-effective training solution to meet the needs of their customers. 


Pegasus Consultants Trains Fortune 500 Companies How to Capitalize on Chinese Market Opportunities

Pegasus Consultants announces that it is helping Fortune 500 companies capitalize on the vast business opportunities emerging in China.


Pegasus Consultants Limited Trains Motorola Staff to Do Business in China.

Pegasus Consultants Limited announces they have been selected to train selected Motorola staff and vendors on successful and proven techniques for conducting business in China.


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