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Pegasus Expands Cross-Cultural Training Courses adding Live Web-based Seminars and Local Group Seminars

Pegasus Consultants Limited (PCL), experts in international business transactions, has provided personalized cross cultural training seminars to Fortune 500 companies and a number of other organizations on the subject of ¡??Doing Business with China¡?? for several years.  Without exception, Pegasus Consultants customers have found the merit of the course material to be invaluable to the success of their business ventures in China. 

Now Pegasus has added monthly live web-based seminars as an effort to provide another convenient and cost-effective training solution to meet the needs of their customers.  Participants of the web-based seminars will have the benefit of raising their hand and asking questions during the seminar with two-way voice communications as they step through the course material with their instructor on their computer screen. 

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In addition to the monthly web seminars, Pegasus will also be holding a monthly group seminar located in Houston, Texas.  Both seminars provide a priceless value and will be packed with vital information for successful business ventures with China.  Topics include an introduction to Chinese cultures and traditions, Chinese rules and etiquette do¡¯s and don¡¯ts, how to recognize early signs of trouble, and critical health and safety tips.  This low-cost seminar could actually save your company thousands, or possibly millions of dollars in expenses that could occur by commonly made mistakes made by companies venturing into China without proper training.

If your business is currently doing business in China, or is even considering business in China, this seminar is an absolute must. 

Next available seminars:

  • January 12, 2006; 9:00am to 4:00 pm, Houston, Texas

  • January 19, 2006; 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, On-line

Both courses are full of vital and interesting information, and crucial for companies interested in doing business with China. 

Other services provided by PCL include written and oral translation services, international business consulting, registration services, import/export services, product marketing, project management, sales representation, personnel services and expatriate services.

About Pegasus Consultants
Since 1981 Pegasus Consultants Limited has offered global project management and business consulting services around the globe. With nearly forty years experience, the philosophies and international business practices acquired continue to drive, the Pegasus methodology.  Visit Pegasus Consultants on-line today at www.pegasusconsultants.com to find out how you can register for the seminars, or call (832) 237-4888 to speak to a representative.

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