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Pegasus Cross Cultural Seminars

Pegasus Consultants offers a unique and effective way of training Western companies in successful methods of doing business in China.  This course is designed specifically for your employees, and their families, to learn as much about China prior to their departure from the United States or other Western countries, and to put them in contact with our office in China for continued training and support throughout their stay.

So many times we hear of American Companies giving up on Chinese business opportunities because of the difficulties they experience. These difficulties come from the lack of understanding about Chinese people, traditions, and Chinese bureaucracy. With our help, you don¡¯t have to be among the many who fail, you can be among those who succeed!

Pegasus customizes our seminars to meet your specific business need. Call Pegasus today to discuss your goals for doing business with China and will develop a custom seminar just for you.


What You Will Learn:


Who Should Attend:



  • Brief introduction to China describing how history and government have shaped today's China.

  • A look at some regional similarities and differences among Chinese people on the Mainland, in Hong Kong and in Taiwan and other Asian regions.

Chinese Culture and Traditions:

  • Chinese traditional and political culture.

  • How to greet people, eating customs, and important cultural issues.

  • How to manage the cultural differences.


  • Verbal and email communication skills.

  • Chinese communication styles, and the impact that language and cultural differences can make in everyday communications.

  • You will learn to write a few Chinese characters and common Chinese phrases.

  • Relationship building skills and issues of "face" from a Chinese perspective.

Doing Business With China:

  • Business etiquette.

  • Successful negotiating, outsourcing, and selling techniques.

  • Quality control, risk, and project management.

  • Inside look at Chinese decision making process.

  • Real business case studies.

Travel to China:

  • Travel hygiene.

  • Emergency contact information.

  • Destination cities or provinces. (optional)


Presidents and CEOs

Vice Presidents

Business Development Managers

Marketing Managers

Program Managers

Contract Managers

Operations Managers

Manufacturing Managers

Procurement Managers

Staff traveling to China

Staff dealing with China

On-line Training


On-site Training

(at customer designated location)


Customized Training

Please contact us for prices and seminar schedule.

Once price is confirmed our secure Registration Form may be used for registration and payment. 

Contact Jennifer at (832)237-4888 or by email at jgreene@pegasusconsultants.com.


Registration Form

Call us and let us know about your business goals for China. We can customize our seminar to help make your experience in China a great one.  

Questions?  Call (832) 237-4888                   Copyright © Pegasus Consultants Limited

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